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3rd-Apr-2008 07:59 pm - patent blogcrew
look through me
You tend to claim one special person in every single blogcrew? Than you should have a look at this one!

9th-Apr-2007 10:53 pm - why...?
look through me
Why am I not just running amok?
Oh right, I'd have to clean up afterwards. °___°;

Too bad I finished y fanfic already 'cause my sarcasm is at it's best at the moment

If I wouldn't be the lazy bastard you all know and love (lol? where is this self confidence coming from?) I'd take a picture of the ugliest frame you'd have ever seen at this beautiful earth of god. I'm just keeping it to let it kiss the ground under my feet in the near future. (Wednesday? xDDD)

Finally we are done with eastern. Isn't it great? I hope I can get back to normal now.

Take care my dears
22nd-Jan-2005 08:09 pm - 『~★~』
look through me

★ Friends only from now on ★

comment to be added~

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